Gossip Gospel

Todd Johnson & The Revolvers

A Tom Petty soaked groove with personal lyrics about being the talk on the town, 'Gossip Gospel' is full of choir harmonies and loud guitars mixed with blues riffs and authenticity. "Join the angels in the chorus" and sing along!

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Best That You Can Do

Todd Johnson & the Revolvers

"Sometimes I think the best thing I could do for you is break your heart"...The first line of this Todd Johnson & the Revolvers single starts with a line that gets to the point like a kick drum hit. Check it out now!

"Sometimes I think the best thing I could do for you is break your heart..." The first line of the Todd Johnson & the Revolvers single "Best That You Can Do" shows that each line will get to the point like the hit of a kick drum. With a U2 style rhythm drive, an instantly memorable chorus, big guitars and vocal harmonies coming from right and left, this is the deepest yet quick hitting single from the band to date.

"Then you wouldn't hear me complain..." The first collaboration between the band and producer Daniel Gardner of Silver Star Recordings, this single is raising the song and recording level to it's full potential for the group. After the moderate success of their first single, "Gossip Gospel', Todd felt like raising the bar and bringing in an outside source would help pinpoint a direction. "It's tough to say which way your direction is when you start out as a cover band" says singer and guitarist Todd Johnson, "You start by making sure as diverse as possible to play any style of show, then you've lost your original edge. Daniel made sure we went back to go find it, and I think the song is better for that."

"Happy is a state of mind, but the world ain't all rainbows and daisies..." The song that was recorded and released at the beginning of the year through the bands email newsletter, after the band had recorded it themselves. Todd did the first demo turned first release with Joe Riddle and Angela Marie "I have a studio at home and haphazardly play the drums and keyboards first, then go through whatever is needed for the song. That way I can give it to the band and we can grow from that demo. Everyone around liked the finished demo and we decided to release it as is." Response for free through the newsletter was promising, but still felt lacking. "I knew it was one of the best songs I've put out to so far" Todd added, "but it just wasn't connecting. Then the band fell apart."

With the ever changing Revolving lineup of the band, Todd and others decided it was time to stop changing members for every show and recording, and use the same backing lineup. Over the course of releasing their first single Gossip Gospel, the band lost three members and gained two. "The song just felt different with a different rhythm section, it fit better. We just put out a song that didn't sound like us anymore with Gossip, I didn't want to do that with this one."

With Daniel Gardner on board to produce and record the song, it finally found it's groove. Todd Johnson & The Revolvers are out playing it at shows now with an extended intro cut from the recording. The next step in the growing band, grab the song and share with people you know! Isn't that the best that you could do?

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Self Explanatory

Todd Johnson

A raw rock and roll release with a vulnerable outlaw feel, the second solo release from Todd Johnson takes an authentic look at life in Anytown USA.

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