From the recording Between the Grass and Hay

This one just kind of came from nowhere. I had the lyric idea "Between the Grass and Hay" for awhile, not a boy, not yet a man. Then, just kind of fiddling on the guitar, I came up with a story about a boy who was told not to be like his father, and ended up not only doing the same crimes as his dad, but ended up in the same jail cell with him. Also, little side note, the phrase "Heathens and Villains" is in this song, and was almost the album title. Fans voted between four or five different choices, but self titled "Sentenza" won the vote. One of my favorites from my former band Sentenza.


I met my dad when I was a lad at the prison of New OrleansHe said "Now son, don't do as I've done, dealing with the heathens and villains." But those words are now dated and faded awayThat my father had told me soI find myself now living his wicked waysBETWEEN WHERE THE GRASS AND HAY GROW The troubles that I find that are creeping up behind, are of my own makingThose words that I fear I won't remember to hear, will be my undoing In a room built for two I heard my father sayI should never be sharing a cell with you