1. In Her Eyes

From the recording In Her Eyes

A fun, three chord tune that I always had a fun time playing. I had someone point out the odd similarities to a vampire in this song, which I never noticed. The whole thing does tend to lend itself to it I guess. Act like I didn't tell you that part, listen to it like a normal song, then listen again with that thought in your head looking over the lyrics. Weird stuff...it freaked me out, and I wrote it!


Never seeming to fill the holeOn and on my hunger growsI wait alone for the light from youThe dawn ‘til dusk that you help me through Well if the sun, refused to shine in the skyAnd my dreams have passed me byIf I wanted my, dreams to stay aliveI’d find the girl with sunshine,Find the girl with sunshine in her eyes The sun had set on my dying plainNo grass to grow ‘cause there’s no rainThe night has died since you’ve came byYou’ve taught me how to spread my winds and fly